The Best Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts for Your Guy

The Perfect Gift for Your Guy (under $50)

Ever feel lost trying to find a great Valentine’s Day gift for your great guy?

Well, worry no more.

We’ve scoured the web to bring you this list of 7 amazing Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to make your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

And best of all, we’ve built this list on a budget. All items are under $50 but they’ll make him feel like a million bucks.

Ready? Let’s go.

Date Night Bucket List  

 Some gifts are amazing on their own.

Other gifts are special because of what they can inspire.

This definitely falls into the latter category. If your guy is the pragmatic sort, this might not be the best choice. But if he is creative and a romantic at heart, this gift could spark some incredible dates for months and years to come.


Yoda One For Me Cute Valentine's Graphic T-Shirt

Step aside, Baby Yoda. The OG is in town and crushing it with this adorable Valentine’s Day t-shirt.

If you regularly catch your guy humming the Star Wars theme under his breath, then why not bring together his two favorite passions into one memorable gift?


The Grooming Collection

Do you want your partner to look and feel his best?

Many men are stuck using sub-par grooming and styling products out of habit. Groom&Prosper is a new men’s grooming brand producing professional-level products with high-quality ingredients but at fair prices.

The Grooming Collection features Soothing Shaving Gel, Cooling Post Shave Moisturizer, Soft Touch Beard Oil, and Smoothing Aftershave Bump Treatment to relieve redness. Everything a guy needs to upgrade his shaving routine and feel his fresh and confident best.

If you want to give Valentine's gift that will actually be used and appreciated – this could be the choice for your man.

As a bonus, for a limited time, you can take advantage of 20% off and free shipping.



If your partner is uncomfortable with overt displays of emotion and romance but has a sly sense of humor then a Mushion might make for the perfect offbeat Valentine's gift.

A Mushion is essentially a cushion with your face printed on it.

Yes, it’s horrific but hilariously so. For better or worse, it will make a gift that will live long in the memory.

And why not get a him and hers version, so your Mushions can cuddle up on the couch just like the two of you? 


Lifewit Vintage Messenger Bag 

Is your guy always on the go?

Then consider this multifunctional messenger bag. It’s incredibly comfortable on the shoulder and the bag has plenty of compartments to carry his notebooks, laptop, phone and other tech gear.

But it’s more than just a practical choice – this bag is a stunner. Something every guy would love to own.

A messenger bag for Valentine’s Day will send a message of thoughtfulness to your special man.

Royal Red Silk Heart Boxers 

If you’re in the mood to be a bit playful and cheeky this Valentine’s Day, you can’t really go wrong with these loveable boxers.

On the surface, this may seem like a gag gift, but when he feels the silk on his skin – let’s just say, don’t be surprised if he’s still wearing them long after Valentines has come and gone.


Ticket Stub Diary 

Sporting events. Flights. Concerts. Movies.

If you’ve noticed your guy holding onto ticket stubs, it may be because he wants to remember these moments in his life. Why not help him to do so by getting him a Ticket Stub Diary, where he can collect all those stubs and memories in one place.

We guarantee there will be a special memory saved just for whoever gets him such a thoughtful gift.


Final Recommendation

When it comes to the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas, it really comes down to the individual. Some guys will enjoy something typically romantic, others something silly and frivolous, and yet others will appreciate something practical and of substance. 

Whatever you choose – you are here, which shows you care. In our books, he’s already a lucky man.

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